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Medical Billing Solution

Medical Billing Solution is dedicated to being a responsive partner and increasing reimbursement by delivering solutions that allow you to focus on the most important aspects of your business: medical practise and patient care.

Learn about our company, mission, methodology, and the outcomes of our decades of medical billing, coding, and consulting experience.

Halfort Medical billing solutions are specialised medical billing systems that automate the whole billing process, from arranging appointments to submitting claims to insurance companies. The speed, precision, and efficiency of charge input, prompt payment posting, AR management, and smart revenue optimization are all important aspects of medical billing management.

Patient billing in the United States is currently fragmented, with different workflows, a lack of necessary healthcare linkages, and a lack of smooth interoperability to break down data silos. Medical practises and hospitals can use customised healthcare billing solutions to streamline their billing processes by replacing time-consuming and paper-based medical billing solutions with automated medical billing solutions.

We recognise that healthcare professionals would like to concentrate on providing care rather than tracking and resolving their billing processes. Medical billing management is difficult for physicians since healthcare legislation and norms are continually changing. We understand your billing difficulties and create custom medical billing solutions that can handle everything from validating patient insurance status to generating invoices.

Paper-based Invoices:

Paper-based invoices are the most outdated form of invoicing. Slow and tedious, paper-based invoices take a long time to produce, distribute, process, and reconcile. The process is not only time-consuming but also slow for patients who are waiting for payment.

A medical billing system should be able to quickly produce accurate bills that are processed in a timely manner. It should be easy to set up while being simple enough for both providers and patients to understand without any training or instruction. This will enable them to electronically access their own medical history while having the ability to pay their bills on their own time schedule.

Interoperability is a problem:

Inability to integrate and share data amongst the many healthcare systems required, such as EHR and claims management.

Payment Combination:

Provide Medicare and commercial insurers with episode-based reimbursements for risk-based care delivery.

Billing that is prone to errors:

Manual billing procedures result in various CPT code billing errors, leading to an increase in claim rejections and denials.

Data Management for Billing:

Inability to manage patient claims data securely and under a billing system that complies with HIPAA.


Facilitate medical billing management automation to increase revenue and simplify the billing process.Medical billing management necessitates a smooth procedure. Workflow management necessitates the coordination of many medical billing process tasks that go from one to the next until the work is completed. The processes of patient insurance eligibility verification, pre-authorization, appointment scheduling, medical coding to guarantee accuracy with the proper ICD 10 codes, and medical coding to ensure accuracy with the right ICD 10 codes are just a few of the billing tasks.

Validation, as well as an explanation of the benefits posting, are all included. Every care facility and hospital management system has its own set of billing standards, which must be followed to the letter. Through a billing and claims rule engine, OSP may learn about your present traditional billing system and its rules in order to deliver healthcare automation to you.

Improved cash flow:

For improved cash flow and faster reimbursement, your clinic will prosper with streamlined, automated medical billing. 360 Medical Billing Solutions provides three critical medical practise billing automation solutions that allow you to spend more time with patients and doing the business you enjoy.

Halfort Medical Billing Solutions was involved in the development of one of the industry’s most advanced medical practise billing software programmes many years ago. Our sophisticated billing program, we believe, is the best mechanism for confidently obtaining every dollar accessible.

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