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HIPAA Compliance Management

The HIPAA Compliance Management Program is aimed to help healthcare providers, payers, and clearinghouse organisations lower the cost of achieving and maintaining compliance by leveraging resources and solutions that reduce the total “compliance and resource load.”

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides national security standards for individually identifiable electronic health information in the United States. Healthcare providers, health information organisations, and other covered entities and business associates that keep, transfer, or manage protected health information are also subject to the regulations.

Administrative and technical safeguards, policy and procedure requirements, and documentation requirements are all covered by HIPAA security guidelines.

Find out how Halfortmedical can help you become HIPAA compliant:

Halfort medical solutions give you total access into on-premises and cloud-based systems and applications, allowing you to govern user behaviour and increase data security. This HIPAA compliance software comes with security capabilities that allow you to conduct HIPAA risk assessments, detect anomalies in user activity, and examine threat trends before they become security incidents or disrumination.

Unlike many other HIPAA audit software systems, Halfortmedical  offers pre-built compliance reports that are matched to specific HIPAA and other common rules, saving time and effort in the compliance preparation process.

HIPAA Compliance Management for Hospitals

For hospitals and health systems, HIPAA compliance and data security are more crucial than ever. To maintain HIPAA compliance and meet their commitments to PHI security and privacy, healthcare companies must conduct a Security Risk Analysis (SRA) on a regular basis. Managing compliance can be a complicated, time-consuming endeavour, especially if you’re working with hundreds of people with spreadsheets and emails.

In this webinar, we’ll go over the steps your company may take in 2021 to meet HIPAA Security Risk Analysis and compliance standards.

Simple, Affordable, Automated Solutions to Support HIPAA Compliance

With our step-by-step approach to risk analysis, remediation, and documentation, we can take the guesswork out of compliance. HIPAA One, a cloud-based software suite from Intraprise Health, gives businesses the tools they need to be compliant across all operational operations.

Our HIPAA compliance software was built from the bottom up for health care and follows NIST techniques to ensure clients fulfil HIPAA security, privacy, and breach regulations. The platform walks businesses through every step of the compliance process, from risk assessment to developing a remedial plan and tracking implementation progress.

Understanding HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA is made up of various rules, each of which has regulatory standards that must be addressed in order to develop a compliant programme.

HIPAA regulations establish nationwide guidelines for the use and sharing of protected health information (PHI). Any demographic data that can be used to identify a patient is considered PHI. Full names, addresses, and birth dates are all examples of PHI.

Manage HIPAA Compliance

A one-stop compliance management software that keeps your organisation up to date on the most recent HIPAA policies, procedures, and compliance information.

Make Changes on The Go

Because HIPAA regulations are constantly changing, remote access is a must-have feature. HIPAA Ready is available to you whether you are on-site or off-site to create, track, and monitor activities.


InfoSight’s HIPAA Compliance Management Program (HCMP) is designed to assist healthcare providers, payers, and clearinghouse organisations in achieving and maintaining compliance by reducing the cost of achieving and maintaining compliance through resource augmentation and tools that reduce the overall “compliance and resource burden.”

When you select the HCMP programme, InfoSight establishes a single point of contact for all of your compliance requirements. Our discovery and data collection process enables us to access your data for multiple compliance requirements, reducing or eliminating costs to your organisation and lowering long-term expenses by up to 40%.

HIPAA Compliance Management

Is HCMP right for you?

Several factors should be considered when determining the best approach for your organisation, including:
• Taking stock of your current situation; are you getting what you pay for?
• Are you unsure if your current service is providing you with the necessary “proof” documentation in the event of an audit?
• Assessing your risk management programme, with a focus on cost, security, and compliance.
• Gaining an understanding of the available tools and processes: maximise your benefit.
The primary goal of InfoSight’s HCMP programme is to ensure a high level of compliance by utilising a variety of enforcement tools, training, and mentoring, all of which are backed by professional services.
When these factors are added together, the result is a high rate.

HIPAA-HITECH Assessments

HIPAA Risk Analysis

• Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

• Meaningful Use Audit Support

• Incident Response Planning

• HIPAA Privacy & Security Assessment/Audit

• HIPAA Privacy & Security Staff Training

• HIPAA HITECH Compliance GAP Analysis & Readiness Assessment

• Business Associate Vendor Management Program Development

Security Testing

GAP Analysis & Security Review

• Remote Internal Vulnerability Assessment

• Vulnerability Assessment

• Website Compliance Assessment

• Penetration Testing

• Wireless Vulnerability Assessment PCI Risk / Compliance Assessment Risk Management Assessment

• Social Engineering – Email Phishing

• Technology Infrastructure Assessment

• Social Engineering – Phone Pretexting

• External Vulnerability Assessment (Patient Portal)

• Social Engineering – Physical Security Audit

• Virtual System Vulnerability Assessment

• Social Engineering – Onsite Impersonation per location

• Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Business associates are individuals who work in a non-healthcare capacity with a covered entity and are also responsible for HIPAA compliance as covered entities. Business associates include lawyers, accountants, administrators, and IT personnel who work in the healthcare industry and have access to PHI.

Your 2021 HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Now that you understand what PHI is and who must comply with HIPAA, let’s go over what you need to do step by step to achieve HIPAA compliance.

1. Understand the HIPAA Privacy Rule

The HIPAA Privacy Rule is the foundational piece that all applicable organisations must become acquainted with. The Privacy rule specifies when and how authorised personnel can gain access to PHI. This includes healthcare providers, administrators, lawyers, and anyone else involved in your health information ecosystem.

As a result, familiarising yourself with the Privacy Rule is the first step toward HIPAA compliance. The Rule requires appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of PHI and limits access to and use of such information. The Privacy Rule also grants patients certain rights regarding their PHI, such as the ability to obtain copies of their records and request corrections.

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