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If you look up HIPAA compliance solutions on the internet, you’ll find thousands of results. Unfortunately, most HIPAA compliance solutions advertised only provide compliance in one or two HIPAA areas. Only a few companies offer complete solutions.This is a crucial point to understand. You must be completely compliant with HIPAA to be considered compliant. It’s admirable that you have HIPAA-compliant data storage and communication methods, but these aren’t complete HIPAA compliance solutions.

If you are audited by the Department of Health and Human Services, you could be fined for not being completely HIPAA compliant (HHS). Individual HIPAA compliance solutions aren’t always a waste of time and money, but they don’t always give the comprehensive coverage you’ll need to be HIPAA compliant.

What Does Complete HIPAA Compliance Entail?

This will be determined by the nature of your company and whether it is a Covered Entity, a Business Associate, or a subcontractor. Large medical facilities that use, maintain, and share PHI will very certainly be subject to a slew of rules derived from the following statutes:

  1. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted in 1996. (1996).
  2. The Privacy Rule of 2000, as well as its revisions
  3. The Security Rule of 2003, as well as revisions thereto.
  4. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Enforcement Rule (2006).
  5. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act is a federal law that mandates the use of health information technology for economic and (2009).
  6. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is a federal law that was passed in 2009 to (2009).
  7. The Final Omnibus Rule (2013).

Hipaa Compliance Solutions



It may be essential to follow all of these guidelines, or just a few, in order to be HIPAA-compliant. This is why there are no “one-size-fits-all” complete HIPAA compliance solutions and why there are so many companies offering solutions to patch different aspects of HIPAA compliance.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) safeguards personal health information privacy and security (PHI). Any healthcare organisation that stores, processes, or transmits PHI, as well as any business associates who perform functions or provide services on their behalf, must meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

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Find Out More about Total HIPAA Compliance Solutions

If you’re already aware with the HIPAA rules and regulations that apply to your company and want more information on how to achieve overall HIPAA compliance, we recommend contacting the Compliancy Group, a compliance software provider with a 100% OCR/CMS audit pass rate.

The Compliancy Group offers customised HIPAA compliance solutions to meet the needs of each organisation. The services given vary from risk assessments and internal audits to remediation planning and staff compliance training in order to detect holes in HIPAA compliance.

Other topics covered by the Compliancy Group include developing and implementing HIPAA-compliant policies and processes, managing Business Associates (or subcontractors if your company is already a Business Associate), and dealing with – and reporting – a PHI breach.

About HIPAA Journal

HIPAA Journal offers the most complete coverage of HIPAA news available anywhere online, as well as independent HIPAA compliance advice and best practises for avoiding data breaches, HIPAA violations, and regulatory fines.

HIPAA Compliance Solutions

HIPAA Compliance Solutions


HIPAA Security

To ensure that your organisation is HIPAA compliant, we use services and solutions that are tailored to your needs. Security gap assessments, risk analysis, workforce training, and more are all available through our tools.

HIPAA Privacy

There are 60 standards, 63 implementation specifications, and 80 audit protocols under the HIPAA privacy requirements. We make certain that your company complies with all of them.

HIPAA Risk Analysis

Conducting an enterprise-wide, information system-based HIPAA risk analysis that follows OCR guidelines and gives complete visibility into your organization’s exposures is no easy task. Unless you have the necessary tools and resources in place, a by-the-book approach to HIPAA risk analysis can be burdensome.

Looking to comply with the US HIPAA regulations? 

Our solution enables enterprises outside of the United States to comply with all legal HIPAA regulations, allowing you to collaborate securely with firms in the United States. Use the industry-recognized Seal of Compliance to demonstrate your compliance.

Gain Access to Customizable HIPAA Resources

An ongoing HIPAA compliance training programme is essential not only to protect your patients’ privacy, but also to protect your practise from potential fines and penalties for HIPAA and HITECH violations. Learn how Steri-Safe® HIPAA Compliance Solutions can assist you in protecting patient protected health information (PHI).

Taking HIPAA Head On

Since 1996, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) has made the protection of health information a legal requirement in the United States. As part of this legislation, Privacy and Security Rules were established, which outline the safeguards that must be put in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of online Protected Health Information (PHI).

HIPAA compliance made easy

“Total HIPAA has done an excellent job of keeping our team up to date on HIPAA laws and updates. They provide excellent customer service and are always available to help us when we need it. I am confident that Total HIPAA, as our consultant, will keep us in HIPAA compliance.”

Here’s how it works
HIPAA Training Online
HIPAA requires that all relevant staff receive annual training on both the law and your Policies & Procedures. Total HIPAA provides interactive online training to engage employees in best practises for handling Protected Health Information in a safe manner (PHI).
Dynamic Risk Evaluation
Our HIPAA Prime platform guides you through the process of gathering the information needed to create your organization’s customised HIPAA compliance plan.
Document Creation and Personalization
Our HIPAA experts build your organization’s customised documentation and training on the basis of your Risk Assessment Review. All that remains is for you to put it into action.
Ongoing Assistance
We automatically update your compliance documents as regulations or business conditions change, and we provide ongoing up-to-date training that meets HIPAA requirements and keeps your business safe.
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