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More than 30% of businesses report are victims of data loss or theft. Halfort Cyber Security provides industry specific totally customized security solutions to protect your business and your data from loss and theft.

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Halfort Cyber Security Solutions

Halfort Cyber Systems is one of the leading cybersecurity services company. Since our inception, Halfort Cyber Systems has served many healthcare, law, hospitality and education businesses achieve their business and HIPAA compliant security goals.

Are you protected?

HIPAA Checklist 2021

Are you using cloud to store data? Do you store ePHI in an EHR/EMR software? Do you have your own server for data storage?

If yes, your business is ONLY 20% HIPAA Compliant. Your business can still get fined! DON’T RISK IT.


Halfort’s HIPAA Compliant Security Services

Halfort Cyber Systems is a pioneer in providing boutique HIPAA Compliant cyber and endpoint security to the healthcare industry. Halfort Cyber Systems provides HIPAA Compliant end to end security by securing the data transfer between workstations in the clinic and by storing the ePHI in a secure cloud storage in accordance with HIPAA regulations. 

One of our other forte is HIPAA Compliant medical billing guaranteeing a revenue increase of at least 13% and a decrease in AR by at least 21%. We provide complete control to the doctors so that they know which data is being accessed and by whom. Our office uses encrypted systems to make sure there is no unauthorized access.

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