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Halfort Medical billing services


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Our Features

Our All Inclusive Service Includes


Our expert coding team will convert provider procedure description in CPT and ICD or we can create super bill which doctor can use for their patients.


Our expert billing team will enter converted CPTs and ICDs in software.


Our Audit team will review coding and aging each year and provide details to the doctor.

Payment Posting

Our expert payment posting team will post the payment after match it with each insurance fee schedule and also do the patient`s posting, mail patient’s statements.

Pre Authorization

Our expert authorization team will obtain pre-authorization notified by doctor’s office before confirmed the appointment to the patient.


Our expert reporting team will email Aging, DWC, Credentialing, Collection forecasting and Collection Analysis reports to Doctors.

HIPAA Security Compliance

Businesses often struggle to be 100% HIPAA compliant due to lack of time, staff and other resources. Our HIPAA compliance solutions are tailored for healthcare professionals to make their business simple and HIPAA compliant. 


Our expert accounts receivable will do monthly telephonic meetings with doctor or doctor’s office staff on practice issues and new updates.

Aging Management

Our expert accounts receivable will audit data entered by biller and match it with each insurance guideline and submit it to the insurance company and follow up with the insurance company.

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Our support is one of the best out there. We are available for you whenever you need. We work for you even on weekends and public holidays so that you don’t lose any business.

Trusted Medical Solutions

We are trusted by hundreds of medical professionals for over a decade and there is a reason for that. We are the best at what we do leaving you free to do what you do best.