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Halfort Medical Solutions (HMS) has been working in the medical billing field for last 12 years. HMS are experts in practice management, healthcare professional coding, aging, credentialing, posting, denials, rejections, fee schedule and prior-authorizations for physicians and facilities/hospitals. HMS works with the provider and their staff as a team to make a customized revenue cycle and manage it.

Our goal is to make sure our providers are not losing money. When claims remain unpaid, you are working for free. You are an expert in treatment of your patients and we are the experts in getting you paid for your valuable services. You can spend more time doing
what you do best and leave the rest to us. We keep up to date on the latest trends and technologies in medical billing leaving you free to focus on patient care. We help you manage your practice and keep the office cash flowing.

We offer the perfect combination of outstanding customer service and a very high collection rate with minimum non-collectible and patient’s responsibility. We get your claims paid fast, and we are available to discuss any issues or answer any questions.